Student Conduct

Academic Dishonesty

"The principles of truth and honesty are recognized as fundamental to a community of scholars. The university expects both instructors and students to honor these principles and, in so doing, to protect the validity of university education and grades. Practices that maintain the integrity of scholarship and grades include providing accurate information for academic and admission records, adherence to unit-approved professional standards and honor codes, and completion of original academic work by the student to whom it is assigned, without unauthorized aid of any kind. To encourage adherence to the principles of truth and honesty, instructors should exercise care in planning and supervising academic work, and implement proctoring standards appropriate to the design of the course."

You can help ensure academic integrity by discussing with your student the importance of integrity in her/her work. Michigan State University has strict academic standards, and holding students to high standards will help your student acquire habits of honesty and responsibility that will serve him/her well for a lifetime.

Student Conduct

As indicated on the University's Student Life Student Conduct

"The purpose of the student conduct system is to support the educational mission of the University while protecting the rights and responsibilities of students. Students who are accused of violating University standards, which govern their conduct, may be referred to the student conduct system for review."

The disciplinary process is outlined in the Spartan Life Student Handbook.