Trending Questions

Q1: What if my student has a concern with his/her roommate?

Encourage your student to talk with her or his roommate. Many concerns can be solved through communication. If she or he has done this and did not have a satisfactory outcome, encourage her or him to speak to their Resident Assistant (RA). The RA has received significant training in communication, mediation and conflict management, and will work to build open communication and ultimately a mutually agreed upon set of standards in the room for all roommates to follow.

Q2: What do students do to stay safe on campus?

MSU is a safe campus, and student safety and security is our first priority. However, students should always keep personal safety in mind. We recommend that students always lock their room doors and never prop or hold exterior doors; walk in groups on campus at night and make sure someone knows where they are going and when they will be back if they are going to be away.

Q3: Should I inform anyone in particular about a chronic health concern?

If your student has a chronic health concern, there are several resources on campus.

Additionally, please encourage your student to speak with his/her Resident Assistant and inform them of any medical issues should any emergencies arise.

Q4: How can I visit my student?

If you want to visit your student we recommend you talk with your student and find a good time for a visit; once the academic year begins, students are incredibly busy.
You will want to be aware of a few things to make your stay on campus more comfortable.